Cabby c51

Warm Scandinavian Cabby C51 trailer dacha. In great condition. Designed for operation in temperature ranges from - 40 ° C to 40 ° C. Without leakage and odors. All devices in the trailer are powered by 12V from the built-in battery. The layout of the trailer: two sofas in front and a table transforming into a double bed, a kitchen, a toilet and a refrigerator in the middle, two sofas and a table behind the left transforming into a double bed.

Kabe Ametist XL

This winter caravan from the Swedish manufacturer KABE. Layout: in front there is a dining area transforming into a double bed, in the middle - a kitchen and a refrigerator, behind it is not a folding double bed, to the right in the corner is a toilet and shower. The temperature range of comfortable use of this caravan (according to the manufacturer's data) is from -40 ° C to 40 ° C.

What will happen if the mass of my road train is more than 3,500 kg, and a traffic police officer will stop me, and my rights are only categories B?

In case you drove your road train with a maximum permissible mass of more than 3,500 kg. without a driver's license of category E to B, and you were stopped by a traffic police officer, you face a fine of 2,500 rubles., according to article 12.7 part 1, withdrawal of a driver's license which is, evacuation of the rolling stock to the parking lot.

Wooden motorhomes

Private projects of wooden houses, mounted on a truck chassis from different countries. Retrailer - sale, rent, spare parts for summer cottages and autocars. 14 photos have been added to the photo album “Wooden motorhomes”, to date, the album has been viewed by 2,231 people.

Bustner lux

Photos of the trailer bach Bustner Lux, released by Bustner. 5 photos have been added to the album "Bustner Lux", to date the album has been viewed by 1568 people.