Cabby C58

Warm Scandinavian Cabby C58 trailer dacha. In great condition. Designed for operation in temperature ranges from - 40 ° C to 40 ° C. Without leakage and odors. All devices in the trailer are powered by 12V from the built-in battery. The layout of the trailer: two sofas in front and a table transforming into a double bed, a kitchen and a refrigerator in the middle, the rear left is a folding French bed, on the right is a toilet and a shower.

Chateau La Car 400

This trailer is located in Brest, Belarus. The cost of $ 3200. Delivery to Moscow is possible - an additional $ 500. Trailer customs cleared at uniform customs rates. Compact trailer dacha Chateau La Car 400, production France. Complete set: Refrigerator Sink Gas stove Truma gas heating system The shower tray 2 sofas and a table transforming into a double bed.

How does a gas cooler work in a camper?

In motorhomes and motorhomes, absorption-type refrigerators are used. The refrigeration unit in them represents a closed system with a continuously repeated cycle of evaporation of ammonia from the ammonia water solution, and then its reverse absorption by this, but already depleted, solution with heat removal through the evaporator from the refrigerating chamber.


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Knaus Azur 620

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