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The German company Hymer is one of the first manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans in Europe. Today it has several dozen factories located in different countries of the world. As of the end of 2012, the company's staff consisted of more than 2,600 employees, and the total annual income reached 2.78 billion euros. Despite the huge competition in this market segment, Hymer continues to grow rapidly to this day, releasing new models of motorhomes and caravans.

First steps to conquer the market

The history of the German company Hymer began back in 1923, when Alfons Hoomer, the father of Erwin Humera (the future founder of the brand) opened his own workshop, which specialized in body car repairs. This small workshop was located on the outskirts of the small town of Bad Waldsee in Germany. In the early years of the auto repair shop, Alphonse Humera had to face many problems and often the lack of clients led to serious financial difficulties.

Hymer factory

His son, Erwin Hümer, in 1956 joined the family business and began to actively develop it. The first step was the acquisition of additional premises in the company Bachem, after which its founder, Erich Bach, offered Erwin the joint development of new models of motorhomes. In the same year, a new “mobile home” called Ur-Troll entered the market. In just a few months, this model gained wide popularity among fans of automotive tourism, which served as an additional incentive to create a whole series of motorhomes.

So, a year after the release of Ur-Troll, Erwin Hümer and Erich Bachem joined forces and engaged in the development of their first series of "motor homes" - Touring Eriba. Motorhomes, which are included in this model range, were subjected to multiple modifications, which allowed to significantly improve their performance, comfort, design and security level. Therefore, they are in high demand even today.

Hymer's secret to success

One of the merits attributed to the German company Hymer is the development of double heated floor technology for motor homes and caravans. This unique innovation was first used in 1985. Motorhomes, which were equipped with such a heating system, have gained immense popularity in a matter of months. Their sales were so successful that literally in one year after the introduction of this technology, Hymer sold more motor homes and caravans on the world market than in all previous years of its existence.

In addition, this German brand is trusted and recognized by consumers, and for the reason that the developers of new models of motorhomes pay special attention to the safety of vehicles. Even in spite of the fact that in their dynamic characteristics and level of comfort, most models of “mobile homes” Hymer differ little from competing models, they impress drivers with numerous systems of protection against emergency situations. Therefore, Hymer motorhomes are especially popular among those buyers who appreciate, first of all, not the appearance or dynamics, but the safety of vehicles.

Modern models of motorhomes Hymer

Hymer offers its customers a variety of "mobile homes" models. All of them are divided into two categories:

  • Semi-integrated. The Hymer semi-integrated autodot series includes models such as the Hymer T CL, Hymer T-Class SL, Hymer Exsis-t and Hymer ML-T. Semi-integrated "motorhomes" from the Humera company are distinguished by a rich selection of cabin layouts, improved aerodynamic properties and balanced fuel consumption. However, it should be borne in mind that the capacity of such motor homes is somewhat less than for integrated ones. Therefore, they are best suited for small families and companies of 3-4 people.
  • Integrated. Hymer integrated motor homes include Exsis-i, B-Class, StarLine S, B-Class SL, B-Class PremiumLine, DuoMobil and ML-I. Unlike semi-integrated, they are more spacious and can be equipped with 4-6 beds. In addition, such "homes on wheels" are equipped only with serial engines, transmissions and suspensions, which has a positive effect on their durability. Equally important advantages of Hymer integrated motorhomes are the presence of panoramic frontal and side windows, excellent winter training and a higher level of comfort in the cabin.

All autos of the Hymer company have the maximum weight no more than 3.5 tons. Therefore, they can even be managed with a category B driver's license. However, car lovers who are planning to buy “homes on wheels” from this German brand should take into account that such pleasure will be very expensive. The average cost of Hymer motorhomes, depending on the model and configuration, is about 140-160 thousand US dollars.

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