From "Swallow's Nest" to "suites" on wheels

In 1960, the enterprise-producer was founded by architect Helmut Knau, producing so-called "caravans" with the subsequent sale of them on the Main market. The following year, the firstborn was released - the caravan of the “Swallows' Caravan”, which to this day has surprised specialists with its compact dimensions.

This caravan brought unprecedented success to its creator. A year later, the first motor show salon opened in Essen. The lion's share of production was made by KNAUS caravans.

The year 1965 was marked by the beginning of the mass production of motor homes for the wide market. After production stagnation, which lasted two years, the company directed its production forces to the improvement of production technology, to increase the range of mobile homes with a large variety of internal planning.

Four years later, KNAUS opens a new plant in Lower Bavaria, investing about 5 million marks in it. In the future, these investments have paid off with interest. In 1970, the company opened a new production facility in Jandelsbrunn, which in the next decade became a European network with its importers and retailers. This expansion allowed further expanding the range of caravans, which contributed to the increase in popularity on mobile homes.

New name - consistent quality

A decade later, in 1981, the company changes its name to "Knaus Jandelsbrunn". The main place of production and sales is the plant in Lower Bavaria, and production begins to gain momentum here. With the advent of the new caravans "AZUR" and "SUDWIND", the KNAUS brand has become a European caravan brand.

In 1987, the world appeared a new type of caravan - the motorhome of the new generation "TRAVELLER". The sharply increased demand for this model forced the plant owner to urgently finish building new workshops at the plant and install the latest equipment there.

1996 was the birth date of the corporation KNAUS AG, which worked closely with TIAG TABBERT-Industrie AG. Subsequently, in 2001, these campaigns announced merging them into one, and a year later after the next, this time global, connection, the company KNAUS TABBERT GROUP appeared.

Latest news from "KNAUS TABBERT GROUP"

At the international specialized exhibition "Caravan-Salon 2012", German manufacturers of motorhomes "Knaus Tabbert" demonstrated a number of new caravans and improvements to them. One of them is charging for electric bicycles, which can be installed in the aft part of the cabin.

At the aforementioned motor show, a historic event took place - a company with more than 50 years of history demonstrated its first luxury class auto home - Bavaria Camp Vaniano. This autocamper is able to provide the comfort of four travelers. In addition to various equipment, the designers took care of improving thermal insulation, so that the caravan can be used in the cold season.

Soon after the debut of the autocamp Knaus Sky i, the Van I model appeared, which refers to passenger vehicles. With external similarity with the previous model, the Van I motorhome was shortened from 7 to 6 meters, which affected its price: the model became cheaper - 56 thousand euros against 62 thousand.

The company "Knaus Tabbert" also presented a compact caravan Van TI. The car slightly tweaked the "face" by changing the bumper to a more modern one. This semi-integrated motorhome in its internal configuration can seriously compete with larger-sized mobile homes. Equipped with a spacious compartment in the aft part, it allows to carry with it a large amount of luggage, up to the above mentioned electric bicycles.

Motorhomes, structurally made in the form of a trailer, are also very popular among autotourists. In this class, Knaus Tabbert recently introduced the Tabbert Grande Puccini luxury caravan, inferior in luxury and original interior design to expensive rooms in 5-star hotels. When visiting it, an optical illusion is created: inside the house, the dimensions seem much larger. Among the advantages of such an autocamper it is necessary to highlight also improved sound insulation, increased wall thickness, proper layout and luxurious interior trim.

Watch the video: "KnausTabbert" - Luxuscamping leicht gemacht. Made in Germany (April 2020).


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