The German concern LMC has been developing and manufacturing mobile homes and caravans since 1988. A distinctive feature of this company is the introduction of the latest technological, engineering and technical innovations into its products.


Since 2013, LMC launched into production a model range of motorhomes and trailers, for the improvement of which their own latest developments were applied. For the body uses a unique technology LLT, which stands for Long Life Technologie:

An artificial glass fiber material with high impact resistance is used for the production of the frame: it protects the body from falling stones, and the roof from hail and bad weather. Resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress did not affect the ease of construction.

  • To isolate the internal space, a combination of specially developed foam and stiffeners made of polyurethane is used. Waterproof materials protect the mobile home from cold, moisture and heat. The technology provides high performance with optimal insulation protection.
  • The developers of LMC have managed to achieve the highest reliability and durability of trailers and motor homes with maximum ease of construction. Components used in production are several times higher than wood in their performance, but at the same time they have minimal weight. In addition, a reasonable combination and combination of materials on the principle of sandwich panels. Alternating layers are precisely in the place where they best "show" their protective or insulating properties.

It is confidence in the quality of motor homes and trailers that allows LMC to provide a 12-year warranty on all manufactured products. Although the range (as well as equipment) of caravans and trailers is quite wide: from compact options for 6 people to luxury "apartments" on wheels for a couple.


The Style series presents trailers equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Moreover, many functions you can adjust yourself, depending on your tastes and needs. For example, in the kitchen, you can choose a larger refrigerator or increase the working area for cooking. Depending on the location of the beds, the trailer can accommodate up to 5 people for the night. But the small family of 3 members will have more free space in the recreation area.

Lightweight chassis and intelligent weight distribution make it possible to maximize the use of any free space: for example, for storing luggage, tools and equipment. LMC takes care of your safety not only outside, but inside as well. All trailers are equipped with smoke detectors.

The Vivo trailer series was designed specifically for couples with children. Depending on the composition of your family, you can choose a trailer with a double bed, two ordinary places for rest, or even a special panel with 3-level berths.

The motto of the company "Feel in a caravan, at home" has been embodied in the smallest details of finishing and equipment equipment.

Musica. Despite the rather impressive dimensions of the models in this series, the high road performance and stability of the structure remained unchanged. By the number of berths, trailers are designed for 2-8 people.

The living room is equipped with comfortable and cozy soft corner. A specially designed lighting system for reading and convenient shelves and storage niches will allow you to fully enjoy the journey.

In the Maestro series, high technologies and a cozy, relaxed atmosphere, created by sturdy and expensive finishing materials and soft colors, are embodied.

Trailers are designed for 4 people. Well-equipped kitchen and a place to cook will allow you to enjoy home-made dishes throughout the journey.

The Scandica series has been designed specifically for winter travel enthusiasts. They are protected by a sturdy and perfectly insulated LLT frame and a specially designed ALDE heating system. She will allow to keep comfortable temperature in the coldest winter days even in a bathroom.

All models of this series are equipped with 4 beds. As the name implies, the Exquisit VIP series is made for the most demanding and discerning travelers. The decoration used exclusive handmade wooden furniture.

The spacious layout and the mass of the built-in storage tanks will allow you not to limit yourself in anything during long journeys.

In width, Exquisit VIP trailers reach 2.5 meters in length - from 8.9 meters.


LMC Breezer A. Motorhome is designed for 4 people. Equipped with all the necessary fixtures, roomy trunk for a comfortable, unforgettable journey.

Motorhome LMC Liberty Tourer comfortably takes you to the farthest point of your voyage. With the models of this series you will be calm and comfortable not only during the stops at the campsite, but also during long trips.

Breezer V due to its small width (2.2 meters) will allow you to enjoy the road even on the narrowest routes.

The LMC Breezer Lift series is distinguished by its reliability and functionality. Additional folding double bed will allow the autohouse to “tune in” to any company. High performance will make it your faithful partner on the road for many years.

The LMC Cruiser Sportline is distinguished by its elegant design and high dynamic qualities.

LMC Cruiser Comfortline you can feel at home in the most secluded and lonely corners. The calm, classic colors of the interior and the technical equipment thought out to the smallest detail will make the trip comfortable and enjoyable for the most demanding caravaners.

The two series of "explorers" (LMC Explorer Comfortline and Grand Explorer) represent a diametrically opposite approach to travel. Compact and convenient in all respects LMC Explorer Comfortline will turn your holiday into a bright and enjoyable adventure.

Grand Explorer is a spacious, high-tech and functional motorhome with a length of 8.5 meters, which has truly become the crown of the creation of German engineering. In models with G marking, the luggage compartment is significantly increased by the bed located on the podium.

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