Motorhomes and caravans Weinsberg - the standard of real quality

Motorhomes and caravans from the German company Weinsberg are very popular among autotourists in many countries around the world. After all, the products of this brand, manufactured since the beginning of 2000, are notable not only for high quality, reliability and stylish design, but also affordable price. Vehicles for automotive tourism, which are manufactured by Weinsberg, are focused primarily on the middle and budget price segment. Therefore, they can afford almost all buyers who love to travel "on wheels".

This German brand is becoming stronger and stronger on the European and world market every year. After all, the company adheres to the main principle: high quality should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, new technologies are being constantly introduced into the production of motor homes and caravans of Weinsberg, which allow not only to increase the reliability, safety and operational characteristics of vehicles, but also to reduce their market value.

Model ranges of motor homes and caravans Weinsberg

For all the time of its existence, the company Weinsberg has launched 4 model lines of motorhomes:

  • Caraome. Spacious, roomy and comfortable Weinsberg CaraHome motor homes are an ideal choice for those who prefer to spend holidays, vacations and most of their life on travel. They are equipped with all the necessary amenities - from folding sofas and ending with a full kitchen. Unlike other “caravans” models from the Weinsberg company, semi-integrated CaraHome motorhomes have much more internal space, thanks to which 4-6 people can travel at the same time. In addition, they are distinguished by their elegant appearance and carefully crafted interior.
  • Caracompact. Weinsberg has taken care to satisfy the needs of all customers, both those who travel with large families and those who prefer to travel around the world in a small company of 2-3 people. That is why the CaraCompact model range was created. "RVs", which are included in this series, have compact dimensions and low weight, which has a positive effect on their maneuverability and dynamism. The width of the CaraCompact motorhomes does not exceed 2.2 m, and the height of the bodies is only 2.72 m. In each of them a spacious 147-liter refrigerator is offered as standard, in which you can store stock of products for several months in advance. Kitchens in CaraCompact caravans are equipped with gas stoves with 3 burners, sinks for washing dishes, as well as comfortable turntables.
  • Carabus. “So much space in such a small area” - this particular slogan describes the main features of the model range of CaraBus motorhomes. Despite the rather modest dimensions of the body, inside the cabin really is where to turn. A large amount of furniture and various accessories inside the Carabus motorhome does not create a feeling of tightness and discomfort in it. "RVs" from this model range are equipped with electronic displays, which display information on the supply of water, electricity and gas; shower stalls; comfortable beds; mosquito nets and many other devices needed for comfortable travel.
  • Glut showcar. This is a special series of "caravans" Weinsberg, which was created specifically for connoisseurs of unusual design. In appearance, the Glut Showcar motorhome is reminiscent of ordinary minivans. However, under this appearance lies almost 13 square meters of living space. Inside the cabin there are several beds (up to 4 pcs., Depending on the configuration), kitchen appliances, upholstered furniture and many other amenities. For a fee (about 8 thousand euros), the buyer can order an exclusive design of the motorhome and reissue its appearance in sports style.

The company Weinsberg also engaged in the assembly of trailers, cottages. The CaraOne model range (the only one in the manufacturer's range) is distinguished by its original design, reliability and wide functionality. These caravans are equipped with 107-liter refrigerators, corner sinks, cassette toilets and a full-fledged mini-kitchen. At the request of the buyer can order and many other additional options.

Unique offers from the company Weinsberg

The German company Weinsberg became the first manufacturer of motorhomes, which developed a special set of equipment, furniture and equipment for the arrangement of children's "caravans". The CaraCids kit includes a unique washable wall covering in the “children's room” style (which can be easily cleaned from traces of felt-tip pens), fall protection for babies, convenient shelves for storing toys and school supplies, as well as many other devices. In addition, this set includes a special plumbing (toilets and washbasins), designed to meet the small growth of children.

The Weinsberg company continues to actively develop to this day. Recognition from satisfied customers, the desire to conquer new heights, as well as love for their work - this is what gives the designers, designers and engineers of the company inspiration and desire to move forward.

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