Acting trailers for rent

In Moscow, the velvet cinema season has come. Retrailer is pleased to offer all shooting companies in Moscow comfortable actors and dressing rooms. Actor's cabins are European caravans (caravans) in which there is everything necessary for comfortable rest of your main actors. Work area with table and sofas, sleeping places, toilet, refrigerator, lighting and sockets, heating and gas stove. According to your desire, the actor's trailer can be easily turned into a mobile make-up room (grimvagen) by placing additional mirrors there.

You can rent our acting trailers for 1 shift or for your entire project. We will ensure the delivery of the dressing room to the place of filming at any place and time. It is also possible to rent a grimwagen without a driver. In this case, the rent is charged by the day (the minimum rental period for a make-up trailer is 3 days).

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