Second Life Bowlus Road Chif

The story of the Bowlus trailer goes far back to 1934, when talented aircraft designer William Hawley Bowlus developed his first trailer called Road Chif. Hawley Bowlus was working on the Spirit of St. Louis aircraft and, inspired by aerodesign and aluminum fuselage, decided for the first time to use these ideas in caravan construction. The Road Chif trailer was the world's first aluminum trailer with a monocoque-type body built from an aluminum frame with aluminum sheeting riveted on it. Inspired by Hawley's ideas, similar trailers with an aluminum body began to be produced by other American companies, such as Streamline, Silver Streak, Avion, Spartan and the legendary Airstream. By the way, Wally Byam (the founding father and unconditional, until his death, the leader of the company Airstream) was involved in the process of distributing and selling the Road Chif trailer. Boulus collected trailers on his own until September 1936. Next, the project is completely transferred to Wally. Roaf Chif received a side entrance door, the new name Clipper, and began to be produced under the brand name Airstream, giving America another legend.

Until recently, of all the pioneers of caravanbuilding still in good health, Airstream continued to collect aluminum trailers. But more recently, the small family-owned company John Long and Helen Mitchell bought all the rights to the Bowlus brand and the design of the 1935 model trailer. Enthusiasts are planning to revive the once forgotten brand Bowlus, which gave rise to all aluminum trailers. The original Bowlus Road Chif trailers can be called an expensive piece of art, because during the entire existence of the company, only 80 of these trailers were released.

So, the Bowlus Road Chif trailer got a second life. And if the aluminum body of the trailer is repeated exactly according to the original drawings, then the filling of a mobile home is replete with modern technologies. At the entrance you are greeted by a kitchen equipped with a sink, gas stove and cabinets. Next comes the dining area, followed by the toilet and shower. The trailer is crowned by a large bedroom with two single beds, which, if desired, can be pushed together. The trailer is equipped with solar panels, gas heating, gas boiler, refrigerator. It is worth noting that a full length of the trailer can be placed a couple of kayaks, to which there is a special fixture.

The total length of the trailer is 7 meters and a height of 2.4 meters. Base cost starts from $ 100,000.

Watch the video: Christopher Deam: Restyling the classic Airstream trail (November 2019).


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