Cabby Loo - mobile crematorium or the most hygienic toilet

The Swedish caravan manufacturer Cabby, together with the Norwegian company Cinderella, began the production of a revolutionary camper toilet that works on the principle of waste incineration.

Cinderella itself is the leader in the Scandinavian market for the production and sale of waste-burning toilets for domestic use. But for the first time this found application in caravanning.

The novelty is called Cabby Loo, which claims to be in the sun along with the main players in this market - manufacturers of traditional cassette dry closets for Dometic and Thetford caravans.

Cabby Loo combines a number of innovative solutions with a seemingly ingenious and simple essence: to abandon the accumulation tank with waste in favor of their incineration.

The principle of operation of the burning toilet is quite simple. Before each trip to the toilet, it is necessary to lower a special disposable paper bag to its bottom to collect waste. After coping with the need to press a special button, lowering the bag with waste to the bottom of a special refractory bowl, in which the incineration takes place. Burning is started by a separate button and lasts 30 minutes without any noise or odor. Gaseous products of combustion during combustion are discharged through forced ventilation to the chimney. From the waste remains only organic ash, which can be poured into the trash can or under the tree! The manufacturer claims that the incineration process can be used up to 100 times before the ash container needs to be emptied. In the combustion chamber there is also a catalyst for the complete burning of all harmful substances and the complete elimination of unpleasant odors. The catalyst must be replaced every 1000 heating cycles. There is also protection from children - when the toilet lid is lifted, the system automatically stops the burning process. The toilet copes with toilet paper and other personal hygiene items!

The toilet only needs electricity, with a voltage of 12V (for gas ignition and exhaust work), as well as gas supply. The toilet does not use a single drop of water and no chemicals. Easy to install and does not require a separate external flap on the camper's wall.

At the moment, in the luxury models of its caravans Cabby sets the toilet Cabby Loo in the standard set. For cheaper caravans, this option is available for about 4,500 euros. Toilet weight - 20 kg.

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