City Day 2013

That ended the next day of the city, which stretched out over the weekend. Moscow this year is 866 years old. Not an anniversary of course, but the date is also great and celebrated it on a grand scale. The majority of the population of the city, as well as the "primkadny" towns, these days did not work, but walked and had fun. Therefore, the center of the capital was extremely overloaded with people, cars, traffic jams and employees of various special services. Retrailer these days did not rest, but worked diligently in order to provide the actors and participants of various musical performances in different parts of the city with comfortable mobile dressing rooms, trailers. We were at the opening of the furniture center Roomer, on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, rode through the parks of the Tver district and everywhere provided adequate comfort to the artists, who in turn conveyed their good mood and positive emotions to the audience.

We would like to remind that Retrailer always has comfortable mobile make-up rooms, make-up rooms on wheels, make-up mobile complexes and dressing rooms for rent or hire. Details on our site.

Watch the video: City of Portsmouth 129th Annual Memorial Day Parade - 2013 (November 2019).


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