Interior Design Via-Lander

Anvir Travel Preparation Bureau, a company specializing in expeditionary preparation of cars for traveling, as well as a manufacturer of domestic off-road caravans under the Anvir brand, unveiled a new model of a compact off-road trailer. Via-lander.

The interior of Via-Lander was designed in the studio of Rish Design by Alina Kulakova and harmoniously combines functionality and comfort. Clear lines, the use of simple materials and shapes, neutral color schemes - these popular techniques of modern Scandinavian design make the Via-Lander model different from most off-road trailers, in which, as a rule, the technical component dominates the exterior trim and interior solutions.

We hope very soon to test and evaluate not only the interior of Via-Lander, but also its technical characteristics.

Watch the video: NASA InSight: The Science and Engineering of a Mars Lander (November 2019).


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