We all know the legendary VW Transporter. For many decades, millions of people around the world have been unable to do without this minivan from VW. The onboard and all-metal versions of the Transporter work on delivering all kinds of cargoes, the Caravelle version serves as a small bus or family car, exclusive Multivan versions are preferred by business people, for whom the image has given way to ergonomics, comfort and versatility; depriving this model of direct competitors. There has also always been a version of Camper, in which travel adventurers could spend weeks and even months in it.

VW T options on the camper theme have always been great. Modifications "Avtodom" do both at the factory, and many third-party companies that are sick with the theme of caravanning. Basically, everyone is limited to a lifting roof and the installation of kitchen equipment inside the motorhome. But experts from the Welsh company Overlander Motorhomes decided to approach the issue of building a motorhome on the other hand, and called it all DoubleBack. The camper was based on the elongated VW Caravelle, which was subjected to a very clever “domestication”.

DoubleBack, literally "double back". So called the design, which leaves the rear of the VW T 2 meters, like a pencil case with pencils, and is installed on 2 supports. This allows you to increase the internal volume of a residential car almost 2 times. In the cabin of the motorhome there are a dining group, a sink, a stove, a small refrigerator and a cupboard. In the sliding section (which can withstand 600 kg.) There is a fold out double bed. The residential vehicle has a lifting roof, which allows it to stand upright inside the cabin. The camper also has a proprietary function from VW, when the front seats can be turned in the direction of the living space. When folded, the additional residential module only slightly eats up the internal space of the camper, and extends in just 45 seconds. Such a motorhome costs about 87,000 euros. Expensive, but still cheaper than even a small high-grade motor home.

Watch the video: ZZ Top - Doubleback (November 2019).


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