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There are countries in the world where, it seemed, the theme of caravanning will never develop. Take, for example, Israel with an area of ​​22,000 km ² and a population of 8.25 million people (Moscow’s population is twice as large). Yes, this is a wonderful country and there really is something to see and where to relax. But from all sides of the poor Jews surround countries with which Israel is either in a war or in a "flimsy" peace. It is not possible to talk about an Israeli autotravel to a neighboring country by car. Even in the country itself, there are different territories of the Palestinian autonomy or zones with common governance with a relatively or rather unstable social climate.

And yet.

05/22/2014 the construction of the first camping park in Israel began. The parking for trailers will be located in Hurshat Tal National Park, near the man-made lake. Tourism Minister Uzi Landau (NDI) himself came to lay the first stone. In the coming years, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism also plans to build 9 more campgrounds in the national parks of Akhziv, Mekorot a-Yarkon, Hof Palmachim, Metsad, as well as in the Makhtesh Ramon and Yotvata reserves (north of Eilat).

The creation of such sites for trailers are part of the program of the Ministry of Tourism to reduce the price and popularize leisure in Israel. To give more interest to the new area among local entrepreneurs, the ministry lifted bureaucratic sanctions that impede the importation of motor homes, and also lifted the tax on the purchase of trailers (which in the context of Russia would not have dreamed of in a dream).

From the speech of Uzi Landau: "Our goal is that every Israeli family can go on vacation without having to empty their savings accounts with banks. The Ministry of Tourism under my authority will continue to invest resources and funds to create alternative options for cheap holiday homes." .

It remains to say - Bravo Israel! With sadness. It is terrible to imagine what kind of tourism potential Russia hides in itself, which is hundreds of times larger than Israel. Why are we so careless and skeptical about the development of domestic tourism, which could, like oil, pump out income from domestic and foreign potentials. Perhaps, when oil drops to $ 50 a barrel, we still reconsider this question?

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