The Legend of Wolverine

The name of this vehicle is Carcajou. Which means Wolverine. That is exactly what Paul Seiler, the car-house of such an unusual for that time, called. Paul was president of Yellow Truck & Coach Mfg. Company, better known as General Motors Truck Corp. In 1929, before the beginning of the Great Depression, Paul was able to convince the accounting department to give him $ 25,000 for the construction of a luxury car Z-250 Yellow Coach.

Allegedly, Paul built this car to make Yellow Truck & Coach Mfg. local dealers and production facilities. This is confirmed by records of 3000 miles traveled there for several years. The car was also described as his country house. The Z-250 got its name from a wheelbase of 250 inches and had an engine power of 105 hp. That was enough to accelerate Wolverine to 65 miles per hour, consuming 65 gallons of gas.

The conveniences of such a motorhome included hot and cold water, a refrigerator, a stove, table china and silver. The room was divided into a kitchen, toilet, bedroom and living room. Exquisite mahogany and maple department. 4 electric fans and 3 heaters contributed to a comfortable placement.

According to legend, two such cars were produced, the track that is lost after 1942.

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