The May holidays. On the autohouse across Europe

It's no secret that in 3 months spring, warmth, bright sun and the long-awaited May holidays will come to us again. Many people are already starting to wonder how to make the May holidays memorable. There are many ways to spend these wonderful weekends, but for our part, we want to offer one of them.

If you have a big family, even if with small children, you want to go on a trip, and a trip abroad seems like a very expensive treat to you. Yes, even when in your team travelers quite kids. We have a very tempting solution to this problem. We offer you to rent a motorhome in any of the Baltic countries and go there in an exciting journey through Europe with your whole family.

Why in the Baltics? The Baltic countries border the territory of Russia and at the same time they are the territory of the European Union, along which you can move freely, without knowing the borders and obstacles in a motor home. In Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are located our offices for the rental of motorhomes. We will be able to offer you a no-frills mobile home at very affordable prices, or to satisfy the wishes of the most demanding customers.

The undoubted advantage is that the prices of our services in the Baltic countries are significantly different from those in Moscow. The average rental price of our mobile homes in the summer season is 90-100 euros / day. We can also offer you a luxury camper Adria Matrix Suprame for the price of 134 euro / night.

In our fleet of mobile homes, there are models with an air conditioner for the living module, heated water and a separate shower, an automatic transmission. There are autohouses with a winter package (heated water tanks). The rent is also included insurance for hull and CTP.

We are also ready to assist in choosing the route of your trip, will provide, if necessary, telephone support and assistance.

You can get to us by public transport (train, plane), or come by private car. In this case, we will provide parking for your car for the duration of the camper rental.

Watch the video: Campervan Challenge. Top Gear. BBC (November 2019).


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