Mobile homes

In Europe and America, such a type of recreation and life as mobile homes has long spread. Unlike cottage trailers and motorhomes, mobile homes are much larger (an average of 3.5 by 10 meters) and cannot move as a trailer on public roads. Although they still have small wheels and a hitch. This allows you to load and unload a mobile home without the participation of a crane, and also to easily transport it around the site by an ordinary car.

Inside the mobile homes resemble the same trailers cottages, only much larger sizes. They have spacious living rooms with homely furniture, a full, comfortable kitchen like you have at home with everything you need, a bathroom with a shower and even a seated bathroom. It is also not forgotten, and the bedroom, which in other cases resembles a luxury apartment. In mobile homes, there is also a water supply system with a boiler and heating of the house from gas (gas supply can be both central and from cylinders).

The main advantage of mobile homes is that their installation does not require any special solutions. Therefore, it is possible to live in such houses even in nature conservation areas, near water bodies or on lands not suitable for capital construction.

In Europe, clubs that buy sites that are not suitable for capital construction and make campgrounds for mobile homes have long been successful. Also very well organized transportation of houses. Let's say if you live in Holland today, and tomorrow you want to go live in France - no problem!

The range of application of such mobile homes in Russia can be very large - it’s a house for your garden plot (why build something, when you can buy everything ready), mobile dwelling trailers, wheelhouse cabins or just temporary shelters for workers and builders during construction next object, as well as offices, warehouses and much more.

A significant advantage is also the fact that the cost of supported mobile homes (as well as their customs duty) may even be inferior to residential trailers and mobile homes of similar release years.

By purchasing a mobile home, you get a full-fledged housing here and now without any problems, papers and decorations!

Watch the video: Mobile Homes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver HBO (April 2020).


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