Back to the past!

A fifteen-year-old futuristic truck made by German industrial design genius Luigi Colani is again prevented from retiring. Now his face carries (more precisely, carries) an even more futuristic camper of the future (although judging by the cockpit we can say that of the past) Elemment Palazzo, developed by the Austrian company Marchi Mobile. This is a two-storey (with a lifting porch on the roof) a mobile home 12 meters long and just over 4 meters high. It is decorated in the style of expensive yachts and airplanes and contains all the equipment for luxury living and caravanning, namely the kitchen, bathroom, sleeping places and a large trunk. This camper has many interesting solutions for transforming the interior of the cabin and has remarkable aerodynamics for a camper of this size (Colani knows a lot about this issue). The three-axle motorhome Elemment Palazzo accelerates a 510 horsepower engine mated to an automatic gearbox.

Watch the video: Back To The Past (April 2020).


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