New model from Adria - Twin SHX

Adria presented at the Caravan Salon 2012 exhibition its novelty in the section of compact motorhomes modelTwin SHX. The basis of this model was to take the longest and highest van Ducato from the factory Fiat.

One of the peculiarities of this motorhome is the record capacity among 5 wheelless mobile homes. Two berths are located in the rear doors, another double bed is based on the second tier right under the high roof, the third single (although the design could be easily made a double) is formed from the canteen-sitting group in the bow of the autohouse.

The second innovation was a large shower, the space of which is formed with the participation of the corridor of a mobile home and a removable floor. When you do not need a shower or a toilet, the shower stall takes up a size in a camper no larger than a dam cabinet. When there is a need to go to the shower, with a slight movement of the hand with the help of a moving accordion wall, you can select the space near the corridor and, removing the laminate insert in the floor that covers the drain pan, make yourself a full-fledged shower cabin. Great solution for organizing space!

As with most motorhomes, Twin SHX has a refrigerator, a gas stove for cooking, a sink, a lot of different cabinets, a large dining area. And all this fits into the body of a standard delivery van, the length of which does not exceed seven meters! The cost of an authorized dealer in Russia is about 3,000,000 rubles. What is missing from this adria mozheli? Probably only all-wheel drive transmission and increased ground clearance. Already then it would be possible with a large company to conquer both the urban jungle and the rest of our vast expanses!

And we also want to remind you that despite the outgoing season, the offer for renting a caravan-trailer and renting a motorhome in Moscow is still in force at significant discounts!



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