Hunting and fishing in the Volga

With the start of the season, all the fishermen and hunters equip their cars and head for the great river Volga. Places in the Volga areas are always full of game, and in the waters of the river itself there is a fish. It is these very popular places like Akhtuba and Astrakhan that attract hunting and fishing enthusiasts in the offseason. Fishing or hunting in Astrakhan or on Akhtuba is very common. Prices for hotels in Astrakhan are not cheap, so it is much more profitable to carry out fishing in Astrakhan savage. Of course, it is also possible to rent a private house in Astrakhan for the fishing season, but it is not always possible to find a free place in the right place. Therefore, Retrailer offers you to rent a mobile home on wheels or a caravan in Astrakhan.

At your request, we can deliver a residential trailer directly to the place of your hunting or fishing, such as Akhtuba. There are various recreation centers in the areas of the Volga River itself, intended for hunters and fishermen, but to wake up and leave each morning to come every evening from a hunt is very difficult.

With Retrailer, you just need to find a suitable place for fishing or hunting on the Volga, and deliver our mobile caravan to the country. The trailer has everything you need for autonomous comfortable living: beds, toilet, refrigerator, gas heating, stove for cooking, cabinets and shelves. Also, if desired, we can rent a spacious tent tent. Hunting on the Volga will leave you a lot of impressions when you live in a rented mobile home in close proximity to your place of hunting or fishermen. The prices for renting a trailer cottage are quite acceptable, considering that it does not need to be taken from Moscow, and then back, the mobility and individuality of the house itself. Fishing and recreation in Astrakhan have always been appreciated by many Russians, and the flow of tourists to these wonderful places will never dry up. Fishing on the Volga savage with a mobile house from Retrailer is very comfortable! All the details on renting a caravan in Astrakhan we can read on our website.

Watch the video: Рыбалка и охота в дельте Волги. Fishing and hunting in the Volga delta Astrakhan (November 2019).


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