CARAVANEX 2012 Exhibition Report

In Moscow, in Sokolniki Park, from May 17 to 20, the second international exhibition CARAVANEX 2012 devoted to tourism and auto-traveling, camping and caravanning was held. Compared with the previous year's exhibition, the current CARAVANEX was much more interesting in terms of exposure (in quality and quantity). Also at the exhibition were held constant discussions and presentations on various topics relating to road riding.

On the first day of the exhibition a representative of the international association of camping and caravanning F.I.C.C. Zhao Pereira shared the experience of caravanning in Europe. By the way, several Russian caravan clubs are already members of this international association. Also, our representatives of the tourism committee, who promised the construction of new sites for camping and caravanning, both in Moscow and throughout Russia, gave full support and promotion of ideas and proposals in this area.

At the stands of CARAVANEX 2012, in addition to the leading companies selling and renting motorhomes and caravans, newcomers were presented (both campaigns and private individuals). It was gratifying to see that in Russia there is a full-fledged production of motor homes and caravans. The company A-M-Karavan, Kemper-Service, ZEM, and Alexander and Ilya just showed their unique expeditionary motorhomes, as well as two comrades from St. Petersburg who, in their spare time from rest, are in their garage "Expeditionaries" based on Kamaz and Unimog. It was also impossible to pass by the E-camper stand. E-camper manufactures small droplet caravan trailers, which are so popular in America, on the frame of production passenger car trailers. But unlike the plywood walls of minicaravans from the USA, the Russian analogue has a multi-layer sandwich, which makes it more acceptable for use in our climate.

Separately, I would like to mention the company Nordic-Construction with their division of Nordic off-Road and its leader Andrey, who, despite everything, makes his dream come true - a residential trailer designed for off-road driving. The basis of the design was taken Australian analogue, but seriously modified for use in the Russian climate. Several options are planned: a lightweight single-axle with a lifting roof for extreme travel and a big tall two-axle trailer for a comfortable rest in the lap of nature. The first road tests of a residential trailer are scheduled for July 2012. We wish Andrey successful tests and launch of models in the series!

The company "Yachts on Wheels" brought the American autohouse Fleetwood on the basis of the bus, which is designed to compete with the company "Shikarus" in the rental market of club homes on wheels.

The European manufacturer of motorhomes STX Motorhomes brought the model 26T, which is made on the basis of the cargo Renault Magnus. This mobile home has become the most expensive exhibit of the exhibition - 16,000,000 rubles.

I would also like to mark the Russian Association Camping - the Russian association of campgrounds, which in the near future will be called upon to unite all campgrounds in Russia, to stimulate holiday homes to organize campgrounds in their territory, to facilitate the life of caravaners, issuing club discount cards and providing recommendations on quality campings in the territory our immense.

In conclusion, I would like to note the inexorable growth (despite the large number of obstacles) of interest in autotracking among our fellow citizens and the activity of their actions in this regard. Already done and will be done even more in the development of a quality network of campgrounds, which will allow both our and foreign citizens to comfortably travel around Russia and, setting off on the road, no longer write wills! We are waiting ...

Recall that to enjoy all the pleasures of rest in a motor home or trailer cottage you just need to take them from us.

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