Paul Allmans and Mercedes-Benz Actros 3343

Dutchman Paul Allmans knows a lot about off-road motorhomes. This is the third camper, which he managed to build and, of course, the largest. The construction of the camper Paul began with the restoration of a very "tired", but still workable truck on the chassis of the Mercedes-Benz Actros 3343 with a wheel formula 6x6, the cabin above the engine. The first three months were spent on the replacement and repair of various parts and assemblies of the chassis. Special attention was paid to the central paging system of each wheel, which would allow it to cross deserted areas, such as the Sahara or the Gobi.

Considering the fact of time constraints, as well as the fact that Paul worked alone, it was decided not to build a residential module from scratch, but to hoist a trailer-cottage of suitable dimensions onto the truck chassis, having previously disconnected it from its own chassis. The choice of the donor fell on the uniaxial caravan of the Swedish manufacturer Cabby of 2000, as the best combination of rich equipment, quality and price. Cabby's trailer is a real winter caravan with a liquid ALDE heating system, with the function of heating water and a heated floor. According to the manufacturer, Cabby Scandinavian trailers can be operated in the temperature range from - 40 ° C to 40 ° C. The result exceeded all expectations. If you do not know that the function of the residential module is performed by a ready-made trailer-dacha, organically incorporated into the common exterior, you can believe that the expeditionary autohouse was built from scratch in the same way on one enterprise!

The main design task was to ensure the transition from the vertical cab to the inclined aerodynamic nose of the trailer. Paul coped with this task very successfully, having designed a transitional frame structure that, among other things, contained an additional fuel tank of 350 liters. The total volume of fuel tanks reached 860 liters, which gave significant advantages in long expedition routes. At the top of the transition frame there was also a place for two spare wheels with a crane for them and an electric winch. Over the outer skin of the trailer, a new, visually unifying transition frame and trailer were installed. Cabby trailer dacha was installed on the chassis with a system of swinging supports at three points of attachment, similar in construction to the system from the manufacturer of expedition motorhomes Unicat. As a result, the trailer subframe received maximum flexibility without exposing the body of the trailer itself to excessive and dangerous torsion.

Paul completed the construction of the expedition autohouse in March 2009 and traveled there for several years. According to him, the average consumption of all-terrain camper was 32 l / 100 km, which is not so much, considering the power of the six-cylinder engine at 490 hp, after some chip-tyunig. In addition, this chassis behaves much better on the highway than analogs of off-road campers on the chassis of Unimog.

Paul decided to sell his Mercedes-Benz Actros 3343, based on the high cost of maintenance and operating costs. Now the autohouse is in Germany.

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