Off-road tuning trailer Kip KG42

The process of preparing the Kip KG42 trailer for free movement on any kinds of Russian roads enters the final stage.

What has been done:

  • Made a powerful subframe, which first will take all the load from the movement
  • Made levers independent suspension
  • A suitable air suspension (allowing you to adjust ground clearance) and shock absorbers
  • This design is already mounted on the trailer.

What will be done:

  • The full completion of the trailer assembly is planned for January 2014.
  • In February 2014, test road and off-road tests of an off-road trailer dacha are planned with a detailed photo and video report.
  • Determining the final sale value and placing a trailer for sale

Watch the video: Прицеп OFF-ROAD от Ателье Прицепов - Studio Trailers БАГЕМ (February 2020).


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