Replacing the rod on Carver Cascade 2

The gas boiler Carver Cascade 2 was developed specifically for motorhomes and caravans. The system is well proven. But all the details have their time. The gas boiler rod Carver Cascade 2 performs several functions. It serves as a connecting element of the tank with the frontal part, as well as a transmitter of heat from the area heated by the gas burner along the entire length of the tank.

The rod is made of aluminum alloy and has a small weight (0.175 kg). M12 threads are cut at both edges. The front edge of it is screwed into the heat transmitter (frontal part). A tank is put on the rear end of the rod, which is fixed with a nut and a washer. At the end of the rear end, a threaded bolt hole is made for fastening the “mass” of the heating element.
The problem with this boiler element is corrosion. In the joints of the rod with other elements of the boiler over time, it always occurs, which leads to a thinning of the metal. This ultimately leads to its breakdown. Faster, this process occurs at the rear end of the rod, where the threaded part in cross section is a torus (due to the frontal threaded hole).

Only one way out - to replace the broken element. A new rod for Carver Cascade 2 will cost 3-4 thousand rubles. But there is an alternative. Metal stud M12, which is sold in any large construction store at a price of 350-400 rubles. for 1 m. It is only necessary to give it the necessary shape and size. The length of the rod is 430 mm., The front is a part with a truncated diameter of 8.2 mm, a length of 8 mm.

We refine the stud for the required dimensions with the help of improvised tools, screw it into the frontal part against the stop, using the thread lock.

We put on a hairpin a tank, further a lining, a washer and fix it with a nut. There should be no gap between the tank and the front heating part. Just do not forget about the ring gasket in front of the tank. We check the boiler for tightness under pressure of your pump (factory indicator of the maximum water pressure in the boiler is 1.4 bar). We fix a cover of TENA. In order not to waste time drilling a hole at the rear end of the stud, the wire under the “mass” of the heating element is simply soldered to the end.

Watch the video: Carver Cascade 2 Water Heater in an Autosleeper Duetto Motorhome (April 2020).


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