Airstream 684 Europamodell

"On the beach you get blue, and in the forest you get green"

Airstream - American legend. Airstream has earned worldwide recognition as a manufacturer of the most beautiful, reliable and amazing trailers. Airstream is among the top 100 successful companies in America. Airstream fan clubs are created in many countries of the world by people whose auto adventures with Airstream trailers became literally the meaning of their life. Airstream makes trailers for American caravaners who like to climb into the most remote and wild land areas (where roads are not always even as such) with the comfort of their country house. Therefore, these trailers differ fundamentally different approach to the construction of trailers, cottages than it is done in Europe. Distinctive features of Airstream trailers are: unique design, always full equipment with all necessary life support functions, making your stay in the Airstream trailer comfortable: hot water heated from a gas burner, air conditioning, a separate shower stall (and in other cases a full hip bath) , liquid heating system, built-in awning (unwinding shed) and much more. Airstream trailers are distinguished by high reliability and wear resistance, they are not afraid of uneven roads and high temperature differences, and are designed for independent operation from gas and 12 volts.

Airstream 684 Europamodell Specifications

  • Trailer type Trailer, cottage
  • The brand Airstream
  • A country USA
  • Year of issue 2011
  • condition Fine
  • Mileage km -
  • price, rub. 3 850 000 ₽
  • Base -
  • Power, hp -
  • Engine -
  • Transmission -
  • Brakes -
  • Number of axles -
  • Max. weight, kg 2500
  • Sleeping places 4
  • Length mm 8250
  • Width, mm 2286
  • Height mm 2650
  • Air conditioning -
  • Hot water from 220V
  • Heating -
  • Shower there is
  • Restroom Built-in cassette
  • Tent Marquise
  • Trunk Not
  • Hitch -
  • Category of rights -
  • Availability Under the order

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