Avento 500 TF

Trailer cottage from the Dutch manufacturer of caravans - Avento with a winter package. In front of the caravan, a fixed double bed is installed. There is also a shower and a cassette dry closet. In the middle is the kitchen. Behind the caravan is a semicircular sofa with a transforming table.

Features of the configuration of the caravan Avento 500 TF:

  • ALDE heating system (gas / 220V) with liquid coolant (batteries are laid along the caravan perimeter)
  • Underfloor heating (liquid, from ALDE)
  • Hot water (heat exchanger ALDE)
  • Solar battery
  • Mover

This trailer is located on our site in Holland and can be delivered to Moscow (or another region). The indicated price includes delivery to Moscow and customs.

It is also possible to install additional equipment: solar panels, inverters, bicycle mounts, additional water tanks.

We are preparing a caravan for trouble-free traffic on Russian roads and directions:

  • installation of air suspension on a stretcher and larger wheels
  • installation of a welded frame made of collapsible pipes to protect the trailer's perimeter
  • installation of an external gate for a spare wheel
  • complete replacement of the frame with reinforced

Avento 500 TF specifications

  • Trailer type Trailer, cottage
  • The brand Avento
  • A country Holland
  • Year of issue 2005
  • condition Fine
  • Mileage km -
  • price, rub. 750 000 ₽
  • Base -
  • Power, hp -
  • Engine Not
  • Transmission Not
  • Brakes Rolling type
  • Number of axles 1
  • Max. weight, kg 1700
  • Sleeping places 4
  • Length mm 7110
  • Width, mm 2300
  • Height mm 2500
  • Air conditioning There is
  • Hot water from gas or 220V
  • Heating Liquid ALDE
  • Shower there is
  • Restroom Built-in cassette
  • Tent there is
  • Trunk there is
  • Hitch -
  • Category of rights -
  • Availability Sales

Pictures of Avento 500 TF

Watch the video: Avento Gran Turismo 500 TF (February 2020).


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