Avento Royal 495TL

The Dutch trailer dacha Avento Royal 495 TL, along with KIP caravans, is valued for its good workmanship. The layout of this caravan includes a semicircular table-sitting group in front and behind. It is also possible to fold the second tier of the bed behind the trailer. Standard equipment of the trailer cottage includes an Electrolux refrigerator (12 / 220V, gas), a gas stove, a sink, the Thetford C4 built-in toilet. This caravan does not have a built-in shower tray and a cheap watering can.

From the features of this caravan:

  • Installed rare for this year of release and model of the system of liquid heating residential module ALDE. The ALDE system at one time replaced the Primus system and is more sophisticated. Along the perimeter of the caravan, aluminum pipes are laid with radiators into which antifreeze is pumped. With less gas consumption, the ALDE system distributes and retains heat more efficiently in the caravan.
  • The ALDE system also has a built-in heat exchanger that allows you to heat the water in the caravan's water supply both with the heating system and independently of it.
  • Solar panel mounted on the roof of the caravan, branded Camptronic system (installed on the Avento and Kip) with a built-in solar panel controller, built-in battery.
  • New gas cylinder for 27 liters.
  • Full awning tent.

The trailer is cleared at a uniform rate of the customs union and is located on our site in Grodno, Belarus. The cost is specified including delivery to Moscow. Delivery of the trailer is carried out after prepayment of 30 000 rubles.

The cost of this trailer-dacha is pegged to the Euro and may vary.

Avento Royal 495TL specifications

  • Trailer type Trailer, cottage
  • The brand Avento
  • A country Holland
  • Year of issue 1993
  • condition Fine
  • Mileage km -
  • price, rub. 300 000 ₽
  • Base -
  • Power, hp -
  • Engine Not
  • Transmission Not
  • Brakes Rolling type
  • Number of axles 1
  • Max. weight, kg 1300
  • Sleeping places 5
  • Length mm 6810
  • Width, mm 2200
  • Height mm 2500
  • Air conditioning Not
  • Hot water from 220V
  • Heating Liquid ALDE
  • Shower Not
  • Restroom Built-in cassette
  • Tent there is
  • Trunk there is
  • Hitch -
  • Category of rights BE
  • Availability Sales

Pictures of Avento Royal 495TL

Watch the video: Avento Royal 495 TL (February 2020).


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