Solifer 5502i

Winter trailer cottage Solifer 5502i Finnish production. It has thicker walls, ceiling and floor in comparison with German counterparts. The heating system-liquid. In the front locker is a gas boiler system Primus, which heats the heat-transfer fluid. The coolant in turn circulates through aluminum pipes laid along the perimeter of the trailer. Also the Primus boiler heats the water for the plumbing in a special tank. Primus can work both from gas, and from external electricity 220B. In front of the residential trailer there is a semicircular sofa transforming into a double bed, behind the trailer of the cottage there is also a transforming dining area. In addition, it is possible to lower the shelf above it, allowing you to organize an extra bed. The trailer is also equipped with a refrigerator, gas stove, sink.

The residential trailer Solifer is cleared to Russia (there is PTS) and is located in St. Petersburg. Delivery is possible for an additional fee.

Solifer 5502i Features

  • Trailer type Trailer, cottage
  • The brand Solifer
  • A country Finland
  • Year of issue 1995
  • condition Good
  • Mileage km -
  • price, rub. 330 000 ₽
  • Base -
  • Power, hp -
  • Engine -
  • Transmission Not
  • Brakes Nakatnogo type
  • Number of axles 2
  • Max. weight, kg 1240
  • Sleeping places 5
  • Length mm 7400
  • Width, mm 2300
  • Height mm 2500
  • Air conditioning Not
  • Hot water from 220V
  • Heating Liquid ALDE
  • Shower there is
  • Restroom Not built
  • Tent Not
  • Trunk there is
  • Hitch Not
  • Category of rights BE
  • Availability Sales

Solifer 5502i pictures

Watch the video: Solifer 5602i 1989 (February 2020).


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