Rimor XGO Dynamic 25


Above the cab is located alcove, which can accommodate two. In the center of the camper is a dining area, transforming into a double bed. There is a double bed in the back of the house on wheels. Under it is a spacious luggage space.


  • Air conditioning driver's cab
  • Built-in cassette dry closet
  • Shower cabin
  • Gas heating
  • Refrigerator (12 / 220V or gas)
  • Water boiler (gas)
  • Cooking stove for cooking (gas)
  • Clean water tank (150 liters)
  • Tank for dirty water (120 liters)
  • Winter heating water
  • Safe
  • Parktronic
  • DVD player with LCD TV and satellite
  • 6 seats equipped with seat belts
  • Marquise
  • Mount for three bikes
  • Internal trunk, under the rear bed.
  • Gas cylinder, 11 kg. - 2 pcs.


  • Chassis: Renault Master
  • Year of release: 2015
  • Engine: diesel, 2.3 l., 125 hp
  • It is long, mm: 6600
  • Width, mm: 2300
  • Height, mm: 3050
  • Gearbox: manual, 6 speed
  • Maximum allowable weight, kg: 3500
  • Rights category: B

Rent price:

  • 3 days - 135 euro / day
  • up to 7 days - 126 euro / day
  • over 7 days - 122 euro / day

Rent terms:

  • The minimum rental period for motorhomes is 3 days.
  • The security deposit for the motorhome (insurance deductible) - 600 euros.
  • Be sure to pre-booking (20% of the total rental).
  • Incomplete days are considered complete.
  • Reception and issuance of mobile homes occurs in the period from 08.00 to 19.00.
  • If the deadlines are not observed, the motorhome or components are damaged, a fine is deducted from the deposit amount.
  • The age of the motorhome driver is from 23 years. Driving experience - from 3 years.
  • We give out a camper with a full fuel tank, you return it also with a full tank (or compensate for "underfilling" with a cash equivalent).
  • When renting a motorhome together with the tenant, an acceptance report is drawn up, where all the shortcomings and comments identified during the inspection are indicated.
  • Services for cleaning the house on wheels, filling gas cylinders, dry closets, clean water tank are included in the rental price.
  • Smoking in the motorhome is prohibited.
  • Pets are not allowed in the camper.
  • Dishes and linens are offered for a fee.
  • Insurance is valid in all EU countries.
  • In case of unforeseen breakdowns of a mobile home during a rental, you first need to contact our representative in Latvia to resolve the issue of repair.
  • Operation of a mobile home is only allowed on the territory of the European Union.

Additional services:

  • Camping Furniture - Free (optional)
  • GPS - free (optional)
  • Bicycle - 4 euro / day
  • Motor scooter (does not require category A) - from 19 Euro / day
  • Parking of your car in a guarded parking lot - 5 euro / day
  • Parking your car in a non-guarded parking lot, near the campers - for free.
  • Bedding - free of charge (optional)
  • Dishes - free of charge (optional)
  • Chemical means (dishwashing liquid, liquid for a dry closet, soap, shampoo) - free

What is necessary for travel:

  • Schengen visa.
  • Driving license of international standard.
  • Debit bank card Visa or MasterCard.
  • A green card for your car (you can buy at the border) if you come to Lithuania by car.

How to reach us

  • On your way: by plane or by train. Meeting at the airport or train station.
  • By private car.

Watch the video: Wohnmobil Wohnmobil XGO Dynamic 35 Alkoven (February 2020).


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