Shuttleman M

Shuttleman M food truck case is made of aluminum with polished "in the mirror." Mobile kitchen is equipped with professional equipment and is ready for operation.


  • Showcase refrigerator - 2 pcs.
  • Refrigerated table - 2 pcs.
  • Clean water tank - 250 l.
  • Tank for dirty water - 250 l.
  • Wash.
  • Pump for pumping and pumping water.
  • Electric boiler - 5 liters.
  • Waffle iron, surface 250 * 250 mm, 2 kW.
  • Grill corrugated, surface 400 * 260 mm;
  • Deep fat fryer, capacity 10 l.
  • LED interior lighting.
  • Advertising space on the roof under your branding.
  • Opening rear dome on the drive.

Possible to connect equipment up to 15 kW.

Overall dimensions: 2500 * 2500 * 6200 mm.

Cost of

Rental price as a food truck:

  • 150,000 rubles per month. Rent for at least 2 months.


Delivery within the Moscow Ring Road to the event and back is included in the price. Delivery outside the Moscow Ring Road - 50 rubles / km.

Service fee - 10 000 rubles. (cleaning after rental).
Pledge - 50,000 rubles. (returned). Goes to compensate for possible damage in case of equipment breakdown due to the tenant’s fault.


The service is paid. Wrapped completely the whole body. After removing the branding, the aluminum surface of the body will need to be refinished. The cost of polishing - 50 000 rubles. (not counting the cost of pasting, printing and removing branding).

Watch the video: Фудтрак Shuttleman Model M (April 2020).


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