Tabbert Comtesse 545


In front of the trailer cottage there is a large not collapsible double bed. Behind the caravan is a large dining area, also transforming into a double bed. In the middle there is a toilet room and a kitchen.


  • Refrigerator (12 / 220V or gas)
  • Heating (gas)
  • Cooking stove (gas)
  • Shower tray with shower head
  • Built-in cassette dry closet
  • Washing
  • Double windows
  • Overrun brake
  • Gas bottle


  • Year of release: 1992
  • It is long, mm: 7500
  • Width, mm: 2300
  • Height, mm: 2535
  • Maximum allowable weight, kg: 1400


  • up to 4 days - 3500 rubles / day
  • up to 10 days - 3000 rubles per day
  • up to 20 days - 2500 rubles per day
  • up to 30 days - 1700 rubles per day
  • from 30 days by agreement

Additional services:

  • Delivery of the caravan from the place of its base to the place of rent and installation on the parking supports - 40 rubles / km.
  • Rent of an awning tent to the trailer, its assembly / disassembly - 5000 rub. for the entire rental period.

Rent terms:

  • Mandatory reservation of the trailer for the desired dates. For this you leave 15% of the cost of rent in the Moscow branch of Retrailer.
  • The date and place of rent of the trailer dacha shall be agreed.
  • Possible delivery of the trailer to your desired location.
  • Place base trailers - Krasnodar.
  • The minimum rental period is 5 days.
  • At the place of transfer of the trailer, a contract is concluded, 100% of the rental payment is transferred (minus the cost of booking), the cost of the service fee, deposit, payment for additional services (if required).
  • Together with the contract, an act of acceptance of the trailer is drawn up, where all the shortcomings and comments from both the lessor and the tenant are indicated. If in the course of the lease, due to the tenant’s fault, the trailer or its equipment is damaged, the cost of the repair is compensated from the security deposit. Damage assessment is performed by the landlord.
  • After performing the above steps, the trailer with the necessary documents is transferred to you for rent.

On the rights of the category BE

To manage a category B caravan, it is sufficient in two cases (Decree of 10.24.2014 "Rules for conducting qualifying examinations for the right to drive vehicles and issue driver's licenses." Clause 25. Sub-paragraph b):

  1. Your trailer does not exceed a maximum weight of 750 kg.
  2. Your road train (your car and trailer in total) does not exceed the allowed maximum weight of 3500 kg. The maximum mass of the trailer should not exceed the curb weight of the tractor.

You can download this law in full on the traffic police website in the "regulatory documents" section (direct reference to Resolution No. 1097 of 10.24.2014 - //

By renting a Retrailer trailer in Krasnodar, you get the following number of advantages:

  • Saving on fuel. Fuel consumption with a trailer "behind the back" is increased by 4-7 liters (depending on the car). Given the impressive distance from Moscow to Krasnodar, the savings are substantial.
  • Save time. Permitted speed with trailer 80 km / h. Without a trailer, you are more maneuverable and faster.
  • Comfort. We offer you a delivery of a residential trailer directly to your place of location, which saves you from having to have a hitch on the car, driving skills with a heavy trailer and the category "BE" in the rights! Either you can calmly pull a boat or a cargo trailer from Moscow, knowing that on arrival you are already awaiting comfortable mobile housing at your place. We deliver the trailer dacha across all Krasnodar Krai.
  • Security. On the long haul, the likelihood of getting into an accident, extortion by traffic police officers (many would like to look at the trailer and check the “BE” category in rights even when it is not required) increases. Renting a caravan already in the Krasnodar region and ordering delivery, you get rid of this problem.

Watch the video: Обзор Tabbert Comtesse 545 1400кг 1992г рублей! перекуп жилой вагон дом на колёсах автодом (April 2020).


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