Airstream 685

Airstream announced that at the annual exhibition The Motorhome, Caravan & Camping Show (where the main topic of which will be to buy a motorhome, buy a trailer dacha, buy a residential trailer, buy a camper, buy a house on wheels, buy a trailer), which will be held in London from 14 February 19, 2012, will present its new model Airstream 685!

Airstream. My lifestyle is freedom!

Airstream is the oldest and one of the most popular trailer manufacturers in America. Airstream trailers from around the world are recognized as reliable, functional with an individual, unique design, the demand for which has not decreased for eighty years. The company's history began with the fact that the founding father William (Wally, as his friends called him) Byam made the trailer according to his own drawings in the courtyard of his house and published his design in one of the magazines, and then, after the success of the article, published the brochure build a $ 100 trailer. "

Airstream and the Gifts of Nature

For three months already, one of the first commercial projects in Russia with a trailer from Airstream - a van with hot food “Gifts of Nature” is rolling around Moscow. The gifts of nature are a joint venture of the supplier of Russian farm products LavkaLavka and the restaurant Delicatessen. The idea of ​​the project is simple - to sell "off the wheels" delicious and healthy fast food, made only from farm products.

Accessories for Marquis Dometic

In addition to the marquis, Dometic produces a variety of accessories that will make the canopy operation even more comfortable and expand your understanding of the awnings. For price comparison, we also give an example of the cost (actual for 2018) for the popular size of marquis - 4 meters. Dometic Sun & Rain Protect Dometic Sun & Rain Protect easy-to-assemble panels protect your cozy space under the awning from direct sunlight or rain.


From July 22 to July 24, 2016, a popular electronic music festival, ALFA FUTURE PEOPLE 2016, will be held near Nizhny Novgorod. This year's festival is notable for the fact that for the first time the organizers have become concerned about parking for motorhomes. For the time being, only a separate area for parking caravans and motor homes is planned. The supply of water and electricity is still under discussion, the decisive question here will be the number of caravaners who have applied for a place for the motorhome in advance.

Aqua Kem Sachets - not a drop by!

We present to you, which has already become familiar to the chemistry for the dry closet, in the new format - bags. The new form of sachets favorably differs from the Thetford Aqua Kem liquid, which is familiar to us, primarily because it is not possible to spill it. Have you ever managed to eliminate the consequences of accidentally spilled chemistry for a dry closet? The situation is not pleasant.

Acting trailers for rent

In Moscow, the velvet cinema season has come. Retrailer is pleased to offer all shooting companies in Moscow comfortable actors and dressing rooms. Actor's cabins are European caravans (caravans) in which there is everything necessary for comfortable rest of your main actors.

Camping Activities

What could be nicer than relaxing in your native land? Today, tourism in Russia has gained great popularity. It is understandable. No need to fool the design of passports and other problems. It is better to collect a backpack and go hiking in close places. But if you want to go far enough for a long time, what to do?

Rent a motorhome in Estonia

Retrailer has a branch in Estonia! We offer rental motor homes for 4-6 people, as well as trailers, cottages. Now you no longer need to shake to Europe on the broken roads of Russia, and the best part is that you can rent a motorhome or a caravan at European prices! To rent a motorhome in Estonia, you need: 1.

Renting a motor home

Renting a mobile home: advantages and opportunities Any traveler has to solve a number of boring everyday questions: what to take with you, how to pack things, which hotel to stay in, and so on. In an unfamiliar city you have to pay a lot of money for a hotel room or a rental housing, and when you go out of town, a tourist expects to sleep on a hard rug in a tent soaked in the rain.

Rent a caravan for ring races!

Summer is a hot season for entertainment, recreation and outdoor sports. Already a schedule of championships in auto racing on the ring routes of Russia for the entire season. I would like to particularly note the FIA ​​WTCC, which will be held June 6-7 at the Moscow Raceway race track near Volokolamsk. Also on these dates are scheduled Formula Master and SMP Formula 4.

Rent a motorhome. Opportunities You Didn't Know

New opportunities for car tourism: renting a motorhome The expression "mobile home" is becoming more common with the development of caravanning - a special type of car tourism. More and more people are abandoning the usual trains and airplanes with further staying at hotels in favor of mobile homes.

Rent a caravan in Moscow

The new summer season is not far off, and we are pleased to once again offer the rental of caravans in Moscow. We are glad to announce that we have a seriously updated range of caravans. Winter caravans will also be available for rent. All caravans will now be equipped with a hot water boiler and shower. Each will have a rechargeable battery, and some will have a solar panel for comfortable and autonomous living in all conditions.

Grimvagena rental

When organizing outdoor events, be it a concert, filming or open-air, it is necessary to provide artists and musicians with suitable conditions for work and play. Grmwagen rental will help to do this - a special vehicle equipped specifically for the needs of show business. A mobile make-up room will allow you to experience no inconvenience and focus on the creative process.

Mobile office rent

Do you have an outdoor event? In the center of Moscow or outside the city. But there are no human conditions for rest? We are ready to provide for rent a comfortable mobile office for the best conduct of your event. In our mobile office you can comfortably work with documents, have lunch and cook dinner, go to the toilet and shower, negotiate, sleep.

Car transporter trailer rental

This service is temporarily not available. We apologize. We are glad to offer you to rent a car trailer car carrier for the transportation of cars, SUVs, as well as various special equipment in Moscow. The trailer can also be used as a tow truck for a broken car.

Rental trailer for travel

To travel a long distance, it is not necessary to look for a place in a hotel or take bulky uncomfortable tents with you. Modern technology allows you to take a house with you: it’s enough to rent a caravan. This is a trailer, the inner space of which is fully equipped for living space: it can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people, and you will be able to sleep comfortably in parking lots without feeling any discomfort.

Autotravelbox - the autohouse in your car!

The Russian company Autotravelbox has launched an original accessory for the production of a quick overnight stay in your car. This thing will not be replaced by all tourists and auto travelers, who prefer to stay in a car in the bosom of a wild nature or car park for the usual hotel rooms.

Car transporter trailer rental

This service is temporarily not available. We apologize. Retrailer expands rental fleet. Now you can rent a model of a German towing trailer. A feature of this trailer is its low frame position and small size of wheels. This allows you to feel more confident at high speeds.

Motorhome on a trailer

Wandering through the expanses of stumbled upon an interesting homemade product. A small residential unit based on a regular passenger trailer. The module is made easily removable and equipped with four screw jacks. At the same time the trailer can be both cargo, and inhabited when it is necessary. This trailer is equipped with a double bed, wardrobes, a portable dry closet.