The Swedish concern Cabby Caravan AB has been manufacturing caravans since 1964. Production facilities of the company are located in Kristinehamn. He founded the company Tore Nilsson and already in 1965 presented to the public his first model for mass production. Its frame was made of polyurethane and was the prototype of the buildings, which are still the basis of Cabby caravans.


Burstner - comfort and reliability Burstner RV is designed for a comfortable rest in the midst of nature. This is the maximum convenience of staying out of town. You can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful landscapes without experiencing the slightest hardship or discomfort. A distinctive feature of Burstner motorhomes is their maximum equipment, because in the basic version these models have everything you need for a comfortable journey.


The CARVER Group is the oldest family-owned business, originating in the second half of the 18th century. Today, the eighth generation of the Carver family manages the same-name group of companies. The headquarters is located in the UK, and industrial enterprises operating in various production areas are open in fifty countries around the world, including France, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada.


Detleffs - a special purpose caravan The Detleffs company (Dethleffs) was founded in Germany in 1834, and for the first 100 years of its existence, its main specialization was whips and ski poles. However, in 1931 its automotive history of the company began, when Arist Detleffs, the general director, was tired of frequent separation from his family and designed the first motorhome in Germany.


Motorhomes and caravans from Hymer - real German quality German company Hymer is one of the first manufacturers of motorhomes and caravans in Europe. Today it has several dozen factories located in different countries of the world. As of the end of 2012, the company's staff consisted of more than 2,600 employees, and the total annual income reached 2.


Motor homes and caravans from the company Kip - the choice of true lovers of motor tourism For more than 30 years, the Dutch company Kip has been manufacturing motor homes and trailers-cottages. "Caravans" and caravans from this brand are in great demand in many countries around the world, including in the domestic car market.


Hobby houses and campers since the 60s. of the last century are not just walls and a roof for travelers, but a real comfortable and safe auto-housing center. It is very easy to fall in love with trailers and motorhomes of this brand - their interior is as comfortable as possible, with the most modern equipment and reasonableness in every detail.


Concorde is a motor home not for traveling, but for travelers Concorde is a company whose vast experience has been formed since 1981. It has always been ahead of its competitors in the use of innovation for its motor homes. Concorde can be proud of unique developments that bring the brand to the leaders of its field.


The German company Knott for over 80 years specializes in the design and manufacture of reliable components for passenger trailers. Today, its products are shipped to different countries and different continents. Spare parts "Knot" are used in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, USA, Japan, China, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria, Brazil, India ... And this list can be continued for a long time.


In the CIS countries, manufacturers of motorhomes, created with all the needs of travelers, can be counted on the fingers. Among them is the MAZ-Kupava plant, which, even during the USSR, began producing caravans meeting European quality standards. The equipment of the production workshop was purchased from the Slovenian company Adria in 1989, when the plant had just started its work.


The German concern LMC has been developing and manufacturing mobile homes and caravans since 1988. A distinctive feature of this company is the introduction of the latest technological, engineering and technical innovations into its products. Advantages Since 2013, LMC has launched a series of motor homes and trailers into serial production, for the improvement of which their own latest developments have been applied.


The Scandinavian brand Polar has chosen Mobile Living as the main slogan for its products, which means mobility for life. And this is true, because the motorhomes of the brand are famous for their comfort not only in terms of the arrangement of the trailer, but also in terms of ease of driving.


From "Swallows Nest" to "suites" on wheels In 1960, a manufacturing enterprise was founded by architect Helmut Knau, producing the so-called "caravans" with the subsequent sale of them on the Main market. The following year, the firstborn was released - the caravan of the “Swallows' Caravan”, which to this day has surprised specialists with its compact dimensions.


Motorhomes from Rimor - harmony of comfort, reliability and safety The Italian company Rimor, which specializes in the production of luxury models of motorhomes, has been setting its own trends in the world of auto tourism for more than 30 years. Products of this brand is a real standard of quality and functionality.

Roller team

The company "Trigano Spa" in 2002 launched a new line of motor homes under the brand name "Roller Team". The popularity of the brand was brought by excellent product quality that meets all international requirements, and affordable price, which is lower than German and French (leaders in production in Europe, mobile homes).


The Scandinavian company Solifer has been engaged in bicycle manufacturing since 1956. In 1965, the manufacturer decided to reach a new level and launched the release of the first trailer dachas Solifer Camping, Solifer Goldie and Solifer Jupiter, which became popular among the travelers who wanted to get an equipped trailer for reasonable money.


Time of Troubles give birth to great people. Perhaps this is how you can define the history of the creation of the German company Truma, the famous heating gas equipment and air conditioning systems for mobile homes, caravans and trailers. It all started in Munich, back in 1949. The founder of the corporation, Philip Krais, understood the consequences of the post-war period and was very sensitive to the problems associated with the lack of artificial lighting.


Motorhomes and caravans Weinsberg - the standard of real quality Motorhomes and caravans from the German company Weinsberg are very popular among autotourists in many countries around the world. After all, the products of this brand, manufactured since the beginning of 2000, are notable not only for high quality, reliability and stylish design, but also affordable price.


Westfalia - mobility in everything and always "Rest should be comfortable. And no matter where you are, you should always feel at home. And this is possible only if the house is always with you" - this is the basic principle of the Dutch Westfalia-Automotive, which since 1966 has been producing towbars that can be easily installed on various platforms.