What will happen if the mass of my road train is more than 3,500 kg, and a traffic police officer will stop me, and my rights are only categories B?

In case you drove your road train with a maximum permissible mass of more than 3,500 kg. without a driver's license of category E to B, and you were stopped by a traffic police officer, you face a fine of 2,500 rubles., according to article 12.7 part 1, withdrawal of a driver's license which is, evacuation of the rolling stock to the parking lot.

What is a camper (autohouse, trailer)?

Camper is a hybrid of car and home, allowing you to travel and not take care of housing. Campers or motor homes can be divided into two types - trailers and high-grade cars. In the first case, the camper clings to your car, and in the second, the camper is a full-fledged car.

What makes motor homes and trailers, cottages?

The most frequently used material for the manufacture of campers (motor homes, trailers, trailers, cottages) are sandwich panels. The most common types of such panels are considered to be glued (or filler) and monolithic all-welded plastic. It is also not uncommon to find trailers in a metal casing, such models are widely represented under the brand name Airstream.

What types of towbars and electrics to the caravans there are?

According to the European standard "ball" of the tow bar has a single size. The “iron” of the tow bar itself can be complete, and it can be collapsible (with a detachable ball). Folding looks beautiful when you do not need a hitch, but it costs significantly more expensive. Outlets there are two types: 1. 7 gang. Allows you to connect only sources of external lighting of the trailer.

Which trailer to choose, biaxial or uniaxial?

There is no single answer to this question. Let us examine all the pros and cons of each. Uniaxial trailer cottage. Pros. All trailers up to 7 meters long are now only made single-axle. This is due to the fact that two-axle trailers in Europe are subject to increased road tax. And if the length of your train is more than 12 meters, the road tax will be even more.

Which water boiler to prefer?

All of us need hot water for a comfortable rest. Hot water in caravans can be used to heat water in a kettle on the stove, or you can spend money and install a high-tech caravan boiler. Boilers differ in the power supply system: electric and gas. Electric boilers (Truma and other manufacturers) are cheaper than gas, simpler in construction, compact, quite fire safe.

What heating systems are there in motorhomes?

Heating systems in motor homes and trailers cottages are divided into several types: According to the power source: gas, electric, liquid fuel. According to the coolant options: air and liquid. Gas heaters include trademarks of Alde, Truma, Primus brands. The advantages of gas heaters are that natural gas is more economical than electricity and liquid fuel, and also more energy efficient.

How to choose the right tractor for the trailer?

The manual for any car (usually at the end of the manual) provides tabular data on the maximum possible weight of the towed trailer. In this case, the trailer equipped with a brake system, the maximum allowable weight limit for towing more. Such data about the car is quite common and if you do not have an operating manual, you can find it on specialized online forums dedicated to a specific car model.

What are the features of driving with a motorhome-trailer?

The trailer, especially loaded, significantly reduces the acceleration dynamics of the car and increases the braking distance. This must be taken into account when braking and overtaking. It is necessary to brake smoothly - regardless of whether the trailer is empty or loaded. It is important to observe the distance to the car ahead. Before turning, it is better to slow down in advance, and to go through the “tension” itself.

How to choose and use a gas cylinder?

There are several types of gas cylinders: metal and composite (plastic). Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Metal gas cylinders. Still very widely used in use around the world. The Russian cylinders on the displacement are divided into 6, 12, 27 and 50 liters.

How does a gas cooler work in a camper?

In motorhomes and motorhomes, absorption-type refrigerators are used. The refrigeration unit in them represents a closed system with a continuously repeated cycle of evaporation of ammonia from the ammonia water solution, and then its reverse absorption by this, but already depleted, solution with heat removal through the evaporator from the refrigerating chamber.

How to load the trailer?

The load inside your trailer must be placed evenly so that the center of gravity is above the axle (if there is one) or between the axles of the trailer. Forward shifting the center of gravity will cause undue stress on the hitch and the entire rear of the car, reducing the traction of the steered wheels to the road. Offsetting back will raise the back of the car, which will degrade traction on the rear wheels.